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Swimming Pool Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles

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Swimming pool accidents happen more often than you think. This type of accident encompasses not only death by drowning but also include near drowning accidents. In California, pool drowning is the leading cause of child death. This staggering statistics point to the fact that there are a lot of families that are changed every year because of this type of personal injury accident which can actually be avoided by the use of ordinary care, diligence and foresight mostly by property owners with pools in their backyards. If your child experiences near drowning injuries, you have a right to claim damages against the swimming pool owner or operator, especially when the owners are guilty of code violations in the construction and maintenance of their swimming pool facilities.

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To make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve for your injured child, you need to seek legal advice from diligent Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who have expertise in swimming pool mishaps.

Swimming pool accident victims may suffer personal injuries like cuts, bruises and even spine injuries. However, in near drowning experience, the victim almost always suffers head injury which is very costly to treat. In worst case scenarios, drowning victim will succumb to wrongful death. You should know by now that obtaining damages for personal injuries in California is never easy. The party at fault will always be protected by insurance companies and even defense lawyers who are used to protecting the interests of their clients. Hence, to level the playing field, you need the protection of Melrose Law Firm’s Aggressive Swimming Pool Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in award of damages for our personal injury clients, including victims of swimming pool tragedies.

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What To Do in Case of Swimming Pool Accident in Los Angeles?

Accidents in swimming pools and around the pool areas are very common, especially in public swimming pool premises. The usual pool accidents result in either drowning or near drowning accidents. If your child experiences near drowning injuries, you have a right to claim damages against the swimming pool owner or operator.

The law provides that property owners should maintain their premises free from dangerous or hazardous conditions. This obligation definitely includes the obligation of property owners who have pools to make sure that their pools do not cause hazards to visitors and the general public who could gain access to their pools.

  • Swimming Pool Accident Injuries

    Aside from near drowning, the victim may sustain any of the following injuries from cuts and bruises, spine injury, head injury and even brain injury. In worst cases, drowning victims may suffer wrongful death. As you can imagine, the medical costs in treating swimming pool injuries are no laughing matter. This is why you have to make sure that the party at fault pays for all your medical costs and other damages.

  • Who are Liable for Swimming Pool Accident?

    Not only property owners are liable in case a person is injured in a pool accident. Other persons or entities could also be made liable like:

    • • Business pool owner in case of commercial swimming pools;
    • • Lessee of the premises with a pool; or
    • • Manufacturer of pool equipment and fixtures.
  • What Can You Claim Against the Negligent Pool Owner?

    In California a victim of swimming pool injury have the right to claim for property damage, medical costs, future care, loss of earnings and compensation for emotional and psychological pain and suffering.

    However, knowing what to claim is different from actually pursuing your claims against the other party. You need legal experts to help you find the best way to get the compensation you deserve against the party at fault.


Premise liability claims are harder to prove because most of the times, there are no witnesses to the accident. Also, the evidence can easily be removed. This is why, in order to make sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve, trust only expert personal injury law firms like Melrose Law Firm for help. Don’t leave your claims to chance. Seek legal help today.