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Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

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Slip and fall accidents happen due to dangerous conditions of the floor or surface area where a person loses balance, trips or slides due to wet surfaces or slippery substances on the floor. There are also a lot of factors to consider in determining the severity of the injuries aside from the force of the fall, like age of the victim, the health condition, the position of the body and the mental awareness of the victim at the time of the accident. This is why you should not under estimate a slip and fall accident. There are some personal injury victims who refuse to rest and obtain medical treatments on the assumption that they did not suffer any injuries only to find out later that they have spine injuries and other internal injuries resulting from the accident. To know more about your rights and how to obtain compensation for your slip and fall injuries, you need to seek help from Top Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in protecting the rights of personal injury victims.

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Even if you know you have the right to seek damages against the property owner or manager of the place where you had the slip and fall accident, it is never easy to claim directly against the parties at fault. You will definitely be faced by insurance companies and even defense lawyers who will do anything to help their clients escape liability.

In order to be successful in claiming compensation against the party at fault, you need to prove that the accident really happened and the cause of the accident was due to the negligence of the property owner or manager. To do these, you need to seek legal assistance from Melrose Law Firm’s expert Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who are aggressive and conscientious in representing all personal injury victims’ claims.

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What To Do in Case of Slip and Fall Accidents in Los Angeles?

Slip and fall accidents happen when a person slides, slips or trips on a floor or surface due to the negligence of the owner of property in keeping the same free from dangerous conditions.

A simple diligence in making sure that premises are always clean can easily prevent premise liability accident. In case of slip and fall accidents in Los Angeles, the usual reasons are:

  • 1. Slippery surface from wax or grease;
  • 2. Puddle of water left unattended;
  • 3. Slippery materials used in coating or constructing the floors; or
  • 4. Debris on the floor.
  • Reasons for Trip and Fall Accidents

    If you are a victim of a slip and fall incident, you have a right to seek damages against the party at fault. To determine the party at fault you need to know the reason why you slipped and fall. The usual reasons for this type of premise liability accident are as follows:

    • • Failure to maintain the property clean;
    • • Violation of Building Code provision; or
    • • Product liability.
  • Persons or Entities Liable

    • 1. Property owner – is liable for not keeping the premises clean.
    • 2. Lessee – lessee is liable if you are invited to the premises and you slipped and fall due to dirt or wet floor.
    • 3. Business owner – if you are involved in an accident in a commercial establishment.
    • 4. Manufacturer/Designer – this is when the floor tile or other floor materials are patently defective as when they are very slippery.
  • Do Not Negotiate Your Claims on Your Own

    In claiming slip and fall accident damages, you need to be familiar with the laws involved in the matter from general torts laws, building code and safety rules and regulations and not to mention the technical rules of legal procedures.

    Aside from the foregoing, you will be facing insurance adjusters and even defense lawyers who are adept in the subject matter and who are experienced in denying claims.


To make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, seek help only from top personal injury lawsuit lawyers like Melrose Law Firm who have decades of experience in representing slip and fall victims in Los Angeles and throughout California.