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Elevator accidents happen more often than you think. This is usually caused by poor maintenance of the property’s lift by the owner or property manager. An elevator accident victim can easily suffer serious injuries to include head injuries and even decapitation of limbs or worse, wrongful death. Elevator accidents can also occur in a lot of places to include, public places such as schools, shopping centers, apartment complex, hotels and other private and private high level structures. Therefore, in case of lift accident, you may need to determine whether the premises where the lift is located is privately or publicly owned to make sure that you go after the correct parties at fault. This is why in case of elevator mishaps, you need to seek legal advice from the best Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who have vast experience in all areas of personal injury claims practice to include premises liability and elevator or lift accidents.

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In elevator accident claims, you need to know first the cause of the accident so you can properly allege your cause of action. If the lift has no defects in design or manufacture, then the negligence could properly be imputed against the property owner or manager for failing to properly maintain or provide timely upkeep of the lifts. On the other hand, if the accident happened because of the defect in the design or in the manufacturing of a properly designed elevator lift, then the blame should be directed against the designer, manufacture or distributer.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of things to consider in obtaining compensation for premises accidents, especially in cases of elevator accidents. Hence, to make sure that your claims will not be in vain, seek legal help from Melrose Law Firm’s well respected Elevator Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in award for all our personal injury client victims.

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What to Do in Case of Elevator Accidents in Los Angeles?

Although elevator accidents are not that common, any person who experiences an elevator accident can be seriously hurt. If you have been hurt in an elevator accident, especially if you suffered permanent or debilitating injuries, you need to know how to claim your damages against the party at fault.

  • Why Elevator Accidents Happen?

    Elevator accident is part of the general premise accident, the main reason for which, is pure and simple negligence. In detail, however, the following are some of the reasons why elevator mishaps occur in the premises:

    • • Failure to provide timely or periodic inspection of the elevator;
    • • Failure to perform timely repair and maintenance;
    • • Failure to put warning signs or cones when an elevator is under service repair; or
    • • Product liability, which is the defective design or manufacture of the elevator.

    As a complainant, you need to first provide evidence to show the cause of accident and from there, identify the party or parties at fault. Therefore, it is very important to determine first the cause of accident whether the elevator accident is caused by the negligence of the operator/owner/possessor of the elevator or the designer/manufacturer/distributor of said defective elevator.

  • Injuries from Elevator Mishaps

    Due to the many serious ways an elevator can go wrong, from sudden jerks or closure of elevator doors to tipping or falling of the elevator carts, injuries that can be sustained from such personal injury accidents may include:

    • 1. Scratches or bruises;
    • 2. Amputation/decapitation of limbs;
    • 3. Fractures;
    • 4. Electric shocks;
    • 5. Spinal injuries;
    • 6. Head or brain injury;
    • 7. Asphyxiation or heat exhaustion; or
    • 8. Wrongful death.
  • Claims You Can Demand due to Elevator Injuries

    If you are injured in an elevator accident in California, you are allowed to recover damages against the negligent party, to include: personal property damage, actual medical bills; future medical care, lost earnings; emotional pain and suffering and punitive damages.

    Due to the huge sums involved in your claims which can reach in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, you should never negotiate your claims on your own. To have a fighting chance against the property owner or the designer/manufacturer of the defective elevator, you need the experience and resources of top personal injury law firms like Melrose Law Firm to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve.