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Whiplash injury happens when your neck is rocked or pushed back and forth or from side to side. The most common cause of whiplash is car accidents. However, almost any type of personal injury can cause whiplash injury from traffic collisions to premise liability accidents like slip and fall accident or even animal attacks or dog bites. It is fairly easy to note if you have whiplash injury because your neck will be painful for days or even sometimes months. In worst cases whiplash pain can be felt for years and will be persistent unless properly treated. Although it is easy to know if you have whiplash, presenting evidence to support this will be difficult because there are no broken bones or external physical signs to immediately show that you suffered whiplash injuries.

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Hence, to make sure that you are able to preserve and present evidence vital to your whiplash injury claim, it is best to seek legal assistance from top Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who have vast experience in the mechanics and treatments for these injuries.

Treatments for whiplash injuries are not cheap. It can easily reach in the hundreds of thousands depending on the types of medical treatments and the length of treatments necessary to address your pain symptoms. Remember that, after an accident, if you feel stiffness in the neck, blurred visions or weariness, you should immediately seek medical treatment to determine the extent of your whiplash injuries. Also, to make sure that the negligent party pays for all your medical bills and more, you need to seek legal help from Melrose Law Firm’s expert Whiplash Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for damages against negligent drivers and property owners resulting in serious injuries to include whiplash injuries.

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What To Do in Case of Whiplash Injury Accident Claims in Los Angeles?

Whiplash injury, also known as Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD), happens when there is a sudden jolting or jarring of the neck and shoulders. Accidents that usually result in whiplash injury include traffic accidents like car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident or bus accident. Premise liability may also cause WAD, like in cases of slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, construction accident, swimming pool or near drowning accident, elevator accident or escalator accident where there is a sudden jarring of the neck and shoulder following the accident.

  • Symptoms of Whiplash Injury

    Whiplash injury is sometimes not easy to detect. Sometimes the pain symptoms arise hours or sometimes even days following the accident. Hence, to make sure that you are given proper treatments for your injuries, you need to seek immediate medical assistance following any type of personal injury accident. Don’t worry about legal costs.

    There are top personal injury lawyers like Melrose Law Firm, which handles whiplash injury claims on contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to put out your hard earn money upfront and the law firm will just get a share of your winnings after they have given you the best compensation you deserve. Don’t leave your claims to chance, seek help from your trusted personal injury lawyers immediately after any type of personal injury accident.

  • What You Can Claim against the Party at Fault?

    In California, if you suffered whiplash injury because of the negligence of another person then you have a right to seek damages against the party at fault for all your damages, injuries and losses, which include:

    • • Property damage,
    • • Present medical costs,
    • • Future medical care,
    • • Loss of Earnings,
    • • Pain and suffering, and
    • • Punitive damages

    The amount of the foregoing, however, depends on the seriousness of the accident, the extent of your injuries as well as the weight of evidence you are able to prove during the negotiations or at trial.

  • Proof Required to Prove Claims

    It is never easy to claim any type of damages in case of personal injury accident. To assure that you can get the best compensation you deserve, you need to put forward the following evidence, which include:

    • 1. Pictures of the accident and your injuries;
    • 2. Insurance information of the party at fault;
    • 3. Proof of negligence of the party at fault;
    • 4. Damage to property and bodily injuries;
    • 5. Medical costs;
    • 6. Certificate of loss of earnings; and
    • 5. Other losses.