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An orthopedic injury is an injury that affects the victim’s joints, muscles, ligaments, bones and nerves. Regardless if the limb or body part is broken, fractured or torn, orthopedic injuries can inflict not only serious hurt to the victim but also cause emotional and psychological trauma to the psyche of the person. Orthopedic injuries are caused by any type of accident to include traffic accidents relating to car accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or bus accident or premise liability mishaps to include slip and fall accident, construction accident or explosion and fire accident. If you suffered orthopedic accident due to the negligence of another person or entity, you have the right to seek damages against the party at fault, to include obtaining compensation for your property damage, medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings and even emotional and psychological pains.

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In order to treat orthopedic injuries, you may need to undergo surgeries and post-operative care. These medical procedures are very costly and painful. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of going after the party at fault on your own. You will definitely be faced by insurance adjusters who are well trained in denying personal injury claims. In case of serious accident, you may even be facing defense lawyers who are very familiar with personal injury claims laws and how their clients can escape liability. To protect yourself and your family from stress and financial ruin, you need to seek help only from expert Orthopedic Injury Claims Lawyers in Los Angeles who have at least two decades of experience in protecting personal injury victims of devastating accidents.

Orthopedic injuries do not only refer to broken or fractured bones, they also refer to injuries relating to:

  • • Ligaments,
  • • Muscles
  • • Tendons and
  • • Nerves

If your injuries include any of the following bodily pains and symptoms, then you need to seek orthopedic evaluation and treatments to alleviate your pain symptoms.

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How Orthopedic Injuries Are Incurred?

Any accident can result in orthopedic injuries. Traffic accidents like car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident or bus accident can result in orthopedic injuries. You may also suffer orthopedic harm if you are involved in premise accidents like slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, construction accident, swimming pool or near drowning accident, elevator accident or escalator accident among others. As you can see, it doesn’t matter what accident you are involved in, if the impact or force is strong, it is likely that you will suffer some form of orthopedic symptoms.

  • Who Can You Claim Against for Orthopedic Injuries?

    In California, if you are injured because of the negligence of another person then you have a right to claim against the party at fault for all your damages, injuries and losses. However, the operative word is negligent or unintentional. If the injury you suffered is due to intentional or premeditated act of the party at fault, then it is no longer a matter of personal injury claim but of penal or criminal law suit for assault.

  • High Costs of Orthopedic Treatments

    Muscle and bone injuries, even those that are not so serious, need lengthy medical evaluations and treatments. Aside from the actual medical care, you might need future medical care to include chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy. Hence, in case of accident, be sure to seek compensation not only for your actual injuries but to include reasonable amounts for future medical care.

  • Proof Required for Orthopedic Injury Claims

    Before you can claim damages, you need to prove first your claim which includes:

    • 1. Proof of accident;
    • 2. Proof of negligence of the party at fault;
    • 3. Damage to property and bodily injuries;
    • 4. Medical costs; and
    • 5. Other losses.

    Only by proving the foregoing can you be able to successfully obtain reparation for your damages.


Personal injury claims is never easy. You will be faced by insurance adjusters who are very adept in scrutinizing your claims and either minimizing your damages or denying your claims outright. Hence, to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, seek help only from expert personal injury law firms like Melrose Law Firm, which can help provide you with the top notch legal service you deserve.