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Head Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

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Head injuries are more common than you think. They can be caused by any type of personal injury accident from traffic accident, premise liability accident or work related accident. A sudden blow or trauma to the head usually causes head injuries that could be serious and debilitating or even fatal. Therefore, if you get into an accident, the best thing to do is seek immediate medical evaluation and treatment to make sure that you do not have any head injury. Head injury is usually categorized into open head injuries or closed head injuries. No matter what type of head injury you obtained as a result of a personal injury accident, there is always a great possibility that treatments of your injuries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the seriousness of the head trauma and the complexity and length of treatments that are needed to treat your injuries.

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Therefore, to make sure that you will not be saddled by high medical costs, you need to seek legal advice from diligent Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who can assist you in your personal injury claims against the party or parties at fault.

There are different effects of head injuries, from reduced awareness, disorientation to memory loss and even paralysis. Treatments of serious head trauma may include actual medical costs, future medical care and rehabilitation. Aside from these damages, you will also not be able to work which results in loss of earnings. Furthermore, you can also claim pain and suffering and other psychological or emotional damages against the party at fault. Due to the high amount of claims, you should never try to negotiate your claims on your own against the other party. The only thing that you should do is seek the legal services of Melrose Law Firm’s diligent Head Injury Claims Lawyers in Los Angeles who are well respected in the legal community for our aggressiveness in obtaining maximum legal claims for all our clients.

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What To Do in Case of Head Injury Claims in Los Angeles?

Head injury ranges from minor head bumps to traumatic brain injury. The seriousness of the head wound or symptoms depend on the seriousness of the personal injury accident of the victim.

Head injury claims can reach in the hundreds of thousands. Therefore, it is to your best interest to seek help from top personal injury lawsuit lawyers for help. Do not attempt to recover our damages on your own because you don’t have the expertise to go against insurance adjusters. Leave your personal injury claims to legal experts like Melrose Law Firm to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve.

  • Types of Head Injuries

    • 1. Closed Head Injury – this is the usual head injury suffered in minor traffic accidents or premise liability accident. If you hit your head against the inside of the car, or hit your head against the wall or any hard object in case of slip and fall accident. Usual result of closed head injury is bruises and sometimes bleeding.
    • 2. Penetrative head injury – this happens when a piece of object penetrates the skull, which happens when parts of a vehicle or objects inside the vehicle as well as protruding objects come into strong contact with the head in case of accident.
    • 3. Crush head injury –this happens when the head is crushed or came in between hard objects effectively pushing in the protective layering of the brain. As serious as it sounds, crush head injury usually results in wrongful death.
  • Symptoms of Head Injury

    Not all head injuries are apparent. If there is no blood or visible swelling of the head, it is sometimes not easily determined if a person suffers head injury from an accident. However, if you are involved in any traffic accident or premise liability accident, it is always best to know the tell-tale signs of head injury which includes:

    • • Nausea,
    • • Headache,
    • • Double vision,
    • • Dizziness or confusion,
    • • Slurred speech or
    • • Suffering seizures.
  • Types of Damages You Can Claim

    The same with all other personal injury claims, the victim of a personal injury accident who sustains head injury may claim any of the following damages, which include:

    • 1) Property damage,
    • 2) Actual medical costs for diagnoses and treatments of head injury and other bodily injuries,
    • 3) Future medical care for future examinations and treatments,
    • 4) Loss of earnings claim,
    • 5) Pain and suffering and other monetary and
    • 6) Non-monetary losses.