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Catastrophic injuries are general described as serious injuries that result in permanent disability to victims or injuries that will need long term medical treatments and that can cause reduced life expectancy. Any type of traffic accident or premise liability accident can easily result in catastrophic injuries to personal injury victims. Hence, if you are involved in a catastrophic accident, you will definitely suffer serious injuries from spine injuries, fractures, loss of limb or even head or brain injury. Aside from these, serious accident can also cause a lot of pain and suffering to the victim which will obviously have an effect on the family. As a victim of serious personal injury, you have a right to claim damages from property damage, actual medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings and even pain and suffering and other losses, which include punitive damage in case it is proven that the party at fault acted with wanton disregard of your welfare.

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In order to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, you need to seek help from expert Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in providing successful awards to all catastrophic injury claimants.

Medical costs for treating serious injuries can reach in millions of dollars from CT scans, MRIs to surgeries and post-operative care. In order to make sure that your claims will prosper, do not attempt to seek just compensation on your own. The other party will be represented by insurance adjusters and even defense lawyers who are knowledgeable in the claims process. To even the playing field and make sure that your family’s future will not be in danger, seek legal help only from Melrose Law Firm’s best Catastrophic Injury Claims Lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in award of damages to all our personal injury claimants.

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What To Do in Case of Catastrophic Injury Claims Lawyers in Los Angeles?

Catastrophic injuries are experienced by victims who are involved in serious injuries. It does not matter if you are involved in a traffic accident, premise liability or other personal injury accident, chances are, if the force of impact is serious or your trip or fall is severe, then you will suffer catastrophic injuries.

  • What are considered as Catastrophic Injuries?

    Personal injuries that are severe and either needs extended periods of treatments or will ultimately not be addressed fully, are considered as catastrophic injuries. Examples of these serious injuries are:

    • • Loss of limb;
    • • Paralysis;
    • • Spine injuries;
    • • Fractures;
    • • Serious brain injury; and
    • • Serious burns and scarring.
  • Right to Claim Catastrophic Injury Awards

    As a victim of catastrophic injury, you have a right to claim damages from the party at fault, which could be the driver of the vehicle involved in a car accident or the property owner or manager of the place where you experienced premise liability accident.

    There is no question that the negligent party needs to pay for your award, the only problem is on how you can successfully pursue your claims against said party at fault.

  • Damages You Can Claim for Catastrophic Injuries

    If you suffer serious injuries due to a personal injury accident, you are entitled to some if not all of the following damages, to include:

    • • Property damage;
    • • Actual medical costs;
    • • Future medical care;
    • • Loss of Earnings;
    • • Pain and Suffering; and
    • • Punitive damage.


Medical costs for treating catastrophic injuries can reach in the millions of dollars due to the severity of the symptoms to be addressed as well as the types and frequency of the medical treatments required to ease the pain and suffering of the victim. Add to this the future care necessary to alleviate the victim’s symptoms. Hence, it is never easy to seek full compensation against the party at fault or his insurance carrier. To make sure that your family is not put in financial disarray, you need to seek legal help from Melrose Law Firm. Only aggressive personal injury law firms in Los Angeles can provide you with the top compensation you deserve.