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Burn injuries are very serious injuries that cause serious trauma to the body and to the victim’s psyche. Aside from the pain and suffering caused by the singeing of the skin, the stigma of having ugly scar marks on top of loss of mobility of your limbs or parts of your body functions can definitely lead to serious loss of self-esteem, not to mention the loss of mobility would prevent the victim from obtaining or maintaining gainful employment. There are a lot of causes of burn injuries, the most common of which is premise accident relating to explosion and fire. If you suffered burn injuries due to the negligence of another, you have a right to claim damages, pain and suffering and other losses. However, knowing you have a right to claim damages and actually claiming them are two different matters altogether.

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If you are serious in getting the justice you deserve, you need to seek legal advice from top Personal Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Los Angeles who can provide you with the best award for your present medical treatments and even future medical care, among others.

Medical costs to treat burn injuries can reach in the hundreds of thousands or even millions covering surgeries to fix the devastating effects of the burns to the skin and muscle tissues of the victims, post-op treatment and rehabilitation and future care. This is why it is never wise to negotiate with the party at fault on your own. The other party will definitely be protected by adjusters and even defense lawyers who have experience in dealing with claimants. Trust only Melrose Law Firm’s well respected Burn Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles who are very knowledgeable in the medical aspects of burn injuries. By understanding the extent of damage and the needed treatments to the victims, we are able to exact the full amount of compensation for your burn injury claims.

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What To Do in Case of Burn Injury Accident in Los Angeles?

Burn injuries or scald mishaps are very painful and can leave not only physical scars but also psychological trauma to the victims. Burn injuries are among the more serious injuries you may suffer from any type of personal injury accident, which require lengthy and costly medical evaluations and treatments.

  • Consequences of Burn Injuries

    Burns, unlike simple bodily injuries, leave lasting pains and marks to the victims. Aside from the normal consequence of being singed or scalded of having ugly or unsightly scars, there are also more serious consequences affecting burn victims, like:

    • • Prolonged sensation of pain;
    • • Nerve damage;
    • • Tendon or muscle damage;
    • • Paralysis; or
    • • Amputation.

    In worst instances, burn victims can suffer fatal injuries resulting in wrongful death. As you can imagine, burn mishaps can be life changing on the victims. Therefore, as a burn injury victim, you need to make sure that you are able to get the maximum compensation against the party at fault.

  • Degrees of Seriousness of Burn injury

    • 1. First Degree Burn - This refers to minor burns, which normally causes redness or irritation on the skin. First degree burns usually don’t last and may be cured by applying ointments on the skin surface.
    • 2. Second Degree Burn - This type of burn is more serious as this causes blistering of the skin that may lead to infection. In order to cure second degree burn, you might need injections to prevent infection and prolonged treatment to cure the blisters.
    • 3. Third Degree Burn - This type of burn injury is the most serious as it involves damage to the nerves, tendons and muscles which may either lead to paralysis or amputation of the affected limbs.

    As you can imagine, a burn injury victim will need hundreds of thousands worth of medical treatment to alleviate the pain symptoms. In worst case scenarios, scar marks and other serious consequences of the burn injury victim can never be fully erased or addressed. This is why you need to make sure that the party at fault pays a high price for putting your life and your family’s welfare in disarray. In order to do this, seek help only from expert personal injury lawsuit lawyers like those with Melrose Law Firm who have decades of experience in representing burn injury victims against big corporations and large defense law firms.