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What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident claim
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Motorcycles and bike enthusiasts are steadily growing due to the increasing problem of traffic congestion and increasing costs of maintaining cars and other modes of transportation. Aside from the practicality provided by motorcycles, the open expanse and the magnificent and interesting views offered by the streets of California as well as the freedom it brings to motorcycle riders are among the main allure of riding motorcycles in California.

However, in any activity that we do, especially when it involves going out of our homes and merging with the daily hustle and bustle of life, accidents can happen. There are different causes of motorcycle accidents, the main ones being:

  • Motorcycle malfunction;
  • Negligent drivers;
  • Road conditions; or
  • Weather conditions

In any of the above instances, a motorcycle victim has a claim against the party at fault. In motorcycle malfunction, the victim can file a product liability suit against the manufacturer or designer of the motorcycle. In case of negligence of the other driver, the motorcycle accident victim can obviously go against said party at fault and his insurance carrier. Finally, in cases of bad road conditions, the victim can even file a motorcycle accident claim against the insurance carrier of the state of California.

However, as in any case of personal injury claim, it is not easy to pursue your motorcycle accident claim for the repair or replacement of your motorcycle; payment of actual medical costs; compensation for future medical care; reimbursement for loss of earnings; and payment of for pain and suffering and other losses.

The fact of the matter is, in motorcycle accidents, the motorcycle riders always get the worse of the collision because motorcycles are no match to other behemoths on the roads, from cars, SUVs to bus and trucks. Motorcycle accident victims can easily suffer fractures, head injuries, brain injuries or worse, some are fatally injured resulting in wrongful death.

Hence, if you want to be able to secure your motorcycle accident claim against the party at fault, the best thing to do is seek legal representation from top motorcycle accident lawyers who have decades of experience in championing the causes and understanding the plight of all motorcycle accident victims. However, even the most experienced motorcycle accident claims lawyers need all the help they can get especially when talking about hundreds of thousands or even millions in motorcycle accident claims.

You can help secure your motorcycle accident claim against the party at fault by keeping in mind the following things to do after a motorcycle accident:

  • 1. Taking pictures of the scene of the accident;
  • 2. Taking pictures of damage to your motorcycle and the other party's vehicle;
  • 3. Obtaining insurance information, driver's license detail and other contact information of the other party;
  • 4. Getting the contact information of possible witnesses to the accident;
  • 5. Calling police authorities to investigate the scene of the accident; and
  • 6. Calling paramedics to get immediate treatments.

In order to claim motorcycle accident compensation, you will need the following proof:

  • 1. Police report that the other party is at fault;
  • 2. Copies of medical records and bills for your treatments;
  • 3. Copies of CCTV footage showing the accident;
  • 4. Recommendation of future medical care;
  • 5. Certification from your employer of your loss of earnings claim; and
  • 6. Witness statements from people who saw the accident.

Even having some, if not all, of the above evidence can really help you in your motorcycle accident claim against the other party and these evidence can easily be gathered and/or preserved if you keep in mind to be alert and do what you can to protect your claim at the time the motorcycle accident happened. Your quick action can greatly help your trusted motorcycle accident lawyer pursue the maximum motorcycle accident compensation you deserve at the quickest possible time, which can greatly help you and your family put your lives back together again.