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Train accidents happen due to the negligence of the train operator, negligence in the timely maintenance of the trains and facilities and even recklessness of the public in not minding the safety of the trains and its tracks. Train accidents can definitely cause devastating and life changing consequences to the train accident victims. In case a train derails due to poor maintenance of train tracks, the consequences can reasonably result in hundreds of personal injuries and even wrongful deaths to passengers. Due to the sheer sizes of these transport vehicles and the speed they generate when barreling down the tracks, any type of accident involving trains could definitely cause multitude of injuries. If you survived a train accident, you may still suffer serious injuries from loss of limbs, spine injuries, head injuries and brain injuries. These medical conditions will definitely need serious treatments which translate to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in medical costs.

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To make sure that you get the maximum claim you deserve against the party or parties at fault, you need to seek help from expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles who have vast experience in filing claims against large train corporations.

As a train accident victim, you have the burden of proving that the driver or owner of the public transportation was negligent. To prove this, it requires the presentation of hard and documentary evidence like investigation reports, pictures of the accident, CCTV recording of the accident, witness declarations and the like.

As you can see, it is never easy to seek damages against the party at fault. This task is made doubly hard by the fact that you will be dealing with large corporations who employ defense lawyers adept at protecting their clients against law suits. Therefore, if you are serious in claiming the best compensation you deserve for your train accident injuries, you need to be represented by Melrose Law Firm’s highly reliable Train Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who can provide you with unsurpassed legal service together with honest and personalized client care you deserve.

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What to do in case of Train Accident in Los Angeles?

Train accidents can cause serious injuries to personal injury victims. Due to the size of these commuter trains, as compared with other vehicles, it is not surprising that passengers of trains that are involved in accidents can easily suffer life threatening and life changing bodily injuries.

The main reason for train accidents are train operator negligence and failure to provide proper upkeep or maintenance of trains and train tracks and other train facilities. However, train accidents can also cause by other drivers or pedestrians who don’t heed signals or warnings to keep of the tracks when trains are passing through. Sometimes, train mishaps are also caused by malfunctions of train equipment which is attributed to design or manufacture defects.

  • Cause of Action Against Train Accident

    It is not easy to claim damages against the party or parties at fault in case of train mishap. Your claim for damages are dependent on a number of factors, which include:

    • 1. Determining the responsibility of the other party;
    • 2. Failure of the other party to provide or perform the due diligence required;
    • 3. The negligence of the other party caused the train accident; and
    • 4. The train accident is the direct cause of your injuries.

    Only after providing evidence to support the above cause of action can you be able to obtain damages against the other party. Even in this case, you will need to show proof of the type and amount of damage you are claiming.

  • Types and Amounts of Train Accident Damages

    In California, if you are involved in a train accident, you have the right to seek damages not limited to the following:

    • (1) Property damage or damage to your personal effects;
    • (2) Bills for medical treatments;
    • (3) Future medical costs as provided by treating physicians;
    • (4) Lost earnings or revenue due to absence from work; and
    • (5) Pain and suffering and other emotional and psychological losses.
  • Dos and Don’ts in Obtaining Train Accident Claims

    In order to make sure that you are able to get the best compensation you deserve, at first instance, you need to get proof of the accident to support your claim by:

    • • Taking pictures of the train accident;
    • • Taking pictures of your injuries as well as that of the other victims;
    • • Obtaining contact information of other passengers/witnesses; and
    • • Requesting CCTV footage of the accident if available.

    After getting all these evidence, what you should do is seek help from legal experts. Don’t ever negotiate your claims on your own against the insurance company of the party at fault and do not sign anything coming from the other party because you may unknowingly waive your rights to claim the full compensation you deserve.


Not all personal injury lawyers are adept at taking care of claims arising from devastating accidents such as train accidents. Hence, to be able to assure yourself and your family that you will be financially protected by being able to claim full insurance benefits and other monetary remuneration from the accident, seek help only from expert personal injury law firms in Los Angeles like Melrose Law Firm who can assure you that you will get the best legal service available.