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Public transports are mandated by law to exercise extra ordinary diligence in operating their vehicles as they provide transport service to the general public for a fee. If you are in a taxi cab and you are injured due to the negligence or recklessness of the taxi driver, you have a right to claim damages not only against the taxi driver but also against the owner of the taxi company. This means that you have a right to seek damages for your personal injuries which include obtaining reparation for all your medical costs as well as future medical care; loss of earnings if you are unable to work in order to attend treatments; and even compensation for non-monetary damage like pain and suffering and psychological trauma because of the accident. However, it does not mean that you should negotiate your claims on your own. You need to seek proper legal advice and representation from expert Personal Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles so you can be apprised of your legal rights and your options in obtaining your claims against the party at fault.

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In order to prove that the taxi driver was negligent, you need to provide evidence to show that the transport provider failed to exercise the high degree of care required in operating his taxi cab.

In order to prove this you may need to provide pictures of the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident, CCTV footage of the accident, police report containing the investigation report of the authorities and even witness declarations of pedestrians or other motorists who may have witnessed the accident.

In any event, if you want to make sure that you get the best compensate you deserve, seek help from Melrose Law Firm’s aggressive Taxi Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who are very familiar in going after big taxi corporations in obtaining the best compensation for taxi accident victims.

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What to Do in Case of Taxi Accidents in Los Angeles?

People are getting used to riding taxi cabs for convenience. However, while more and more taxi cabs drive across the streets, more and more taxi accidents are getting reported daily in California.

As a public transport taxi cabs owe more than reasonable diligence in making sure that you are safe while a passenger of said public transport. In case of accident, you have a right to claim damages against the taxi driver and operator for all your pain and suffering and losses.

  • What Damages Can You Claim After a Taxi Cab Mishap?

    In California, you have a right to seek damages against the taxi cab driver for your injuries. The operator or owner of the taxi cab is also liable under the principle that the employer is liable for the injuries inflicted by its employees.

    In case you are a passenger of a taxi cab and the driver was negligent causing the accident, then you have a right to demand the following damages:

    • 1. Property damage relating to your personal belongings,
    • 2. Medical costs relating to your treatments;
    • 3. Loss of earnings for not being able to work during treatments; and
    • 4. Pain and suffering for the psychological and emotional trauma you suffered as a result.

    As you can see, there are a lot of compensation you can claim against the party at fault, the problem actually is in obtaining these damages against the taxi cab owner and operator.

  • How to Obtain Evidence to Support Your Claims?

    In claiming damages, you first need to show proof for your damages and losses. To do this, immediately after the accident, you need to make sure that you:

    • a. Take pictures of the accident;
    • b. Take pictures of your injuries;
    • c. Obtain the insurance information of the taxi driver;
    • d. Obtain insurance information of the other party involved in the accident; and
    • e. Provide all the medical records and bills to support your claim for medical costs.
    • f. Get the contact information of possible witnesses.


To make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, aside from obtaining evidence to support your claim, you need the help of expert personal injury law firm like that of Melrose Law Firm to make sure that you will not be given the run around by the insurance adjuster of the party at fault. Let your claims be taken care of by the legal experts to make sure that you get the best legal representation you deserve.