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Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

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More and more families are signing up for cruises and other family outings to unwind and provide a better and more joyful quality life with loved ones. However, accidents sometimes happen even in these vacations and getaways. If you or any of your loved ones suffer personal injuries due to cruise ship accidents in Los Angeles or in any city or county in California, you have a right to seek damages against the party at fault whether it be the cruise ship operator, the company who provides the cruises and even the manufacturer of the vessels used in cruise ship vacations. Treatments for personal injuries from these accidents can extend to hundreds of thousands or even millions especially in cases of boat collisions or sinking cruise ships. In order to get the best compensation you deserve from property damage, actual medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and other monetary and non-monetary losses, you need to hire expert Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles who have years of experience in dealing with all types of serious personal injury accidents.

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Serious personal injuries resulting from cruise ship accidents could result in wrongful death to your loved ones. If this happens, you are also entitled to loss of consortium, loss of love and affection, loss of life’s earnings and more. However, going after big corporations are not easy.

You will be faced with corporate lawyers and insurance adjusters who will do everything to minimize or even deny your claims. Hence, to make sure that you are protected, seek help only from Melrose Law Firm’s experienced Cruise Ship Accident Attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in exclusively representing victims of personal injury accidents.

We are adept in negotiating and litigating all types of negligence accidents not only the usual traffic accidents, premises accidents and personal injuries but to include boating and cruise ship accidents.

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Contract of Adhesion

Not all personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles are familiar in handling personal injury claims relating to boating and cruise line mishaps. Cruise ships are commercial liners that ferry people for a few for enjoyment or vacation. Hence, there are contracts that are signed by passengers, most of which are “contracts of adhesion”, which means that the public had no opportunity to bargain for the terms of the contract and, hence, more often than not, those provisions are not in favor of the passengers. This type of contract can be argued by an expert lawyer as not binding to the public who were just made to sign the pre-made contracts.

Cruise ship accidents are different from other types of personal injury accidents as they involve different legal questions and evidence unlike the usual case of traffic accidents relating to auto accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident or pedestrian accident.

  • Who Can You Sue for Cruise Ship Accident Claims?

    If you are involved in a boating or cruise accident, you need to know who owes you the duty to keep you safe and how this duty is breached, leading to your injuries.

    • • Cruise Ship Employee – in most cases cruise ship accidents happen due to the negligence of the cruise ship captain and/or other employees of the ship.
    • • Designer/Manufacturer/Distributor – If there is no negligence in the operation of the cruise ship, the problem could be with the ship itself. In this case, you have a right to claim damages against the designer of the boat or if not, the manufacturer who did not follow the complete specification of the boat design.
    • • Employer/Owner – In any event, in case of the negligence of the cruise ship operator or employee, the employer is principally liable as well under the theory of “respondeat superior”, which means that the liability of the employee is the liability of the employer who hired the negligence employee.
  • What Do You Need to Prove in Case of Cruise Ship Accident?

    Every complainant or claimant must prove his or her claim. Before you are able to get the compensation you deserve, you need to prove that:

    • 1. The party at fault has a duty of diligence to keep you safe;
    • 2. The party at fault violated that duty by committing negligence;
    • 3. That the negligence of the party at fault caused the accident; and
    • 4. That accident caused you damages, pain and suffering and other losses.

    Claiming damages for ordinary personal injury case is hard enough, this is even more difficult in cruise ship accidents where the laws are relatively different from traffic rules and regulations. This is why, if you are serious in claiming the best compensation you deserve against the party at fault, you need to seek legal help only form very experienced law firms like Melrose Law Firm that has extensive knowledge in maritime laws and has already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for damages in favor of personal injury victims in Los Angeles and throughout California.