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Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles

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Not everybody prefers to use their private vehicles to work or to go to and from places. More often than not commercial transportation or public vehicle services are more convenient and stress free considering that you don’t have to worry about gas prices, parking and even maintenance of the vehicle. However, the drawback is that you are leaving your safety to another person, the driver or operator of the commercial vehicle. The law provides that commercial vehicles are tasked to perform a higher degree of care than an “ordinary person” considering that these drivers hold the public’s lives in their hands. Therefore, if you are involved in a commercial vehicle, whether it be on land, sea or air, you have a right to seek damages against the party at fault, which could be one or more of the following: the commercial vehicle operator, the owner of the public transport, the manager of the public transport service or the manufacturer of the vehicle involved in the collision.

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If you are involved in a commercial vehicle accident, you should immediately determine whether the commercial vehicle you were in is owned by a private corporation or person or if the same is owned by the government.

For public transport accidents, the law provides that you only have a period of one year to seek personal injury claims against the government for accidents involving their public transports.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve against the party at fault for all your injuries, pain and suffering and other losses, you need to seek legal help from Melrose Law Firm’s Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles who have vast knowledge and experience in going after big companies or government entities who own and operate public or commercial vehicle transports.

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What to do in case of Commercial Vehicle Accident in Los Angeles?

Commercial vehicle accidents tend to be more serious and devastating than ordinary traffic accidents. On account of the size of usual commercial vehicles, like vans or trucks, it can easily be imagined how commercial vehicle mishaps can result in tragedy to the victims.

Commercial vehicle drivers are supposed to be well trained employees of corporations who hire them as employee drivers. This is why it is sometimes more frustrating because, as company drivers, they are supposed to be well trained and more careful in operating their vehicles. The law provides that they should be more careful than usual especially on account of the heavy machinery they are operating. Although commercial vehicles do not mean big or heavier vehicles, these are often times the case in commercial vehicle accidents.

  • Reasons for Commercial Vehicle Mishaps

    Due to the dwindling numbers of truck and other commercial vehicle operators or drivers, companies tend to hire more unseasoned and un-experienced drivers, resulting in more traffic accidents.

    If you are injured in a commercial vehicle accident because of the negligence of the driver who may even be driving under the influence of alcohol or regulated drugs, then you have the right to seek damages against the party at fault.

  • Who is at fault in Accident?

    In case of accidents involving commercial vehicles, you have the right to seek damages not only against the negligent driver but also against the owner of the company where he works for.

    The employer has the obligation to make sure that it hires employees who are well trained in driving heavy machineries. Hence, under the principle of “respondeat superior” the superior or the employer is liable for the faults of its inferior or employees.

  • Types of Commercial Vehicle Accident Damage Claims

    As a victim of personal injury in Los Angeles, you have the right to seek compensation for damages, to include:

    • • Property damage;
    • • Actual medical costs;
    • • Future medical care;
    • • Lost earnings; and
    • • Pain and suffering.

    In worst case scenarios, your love one may even suffer mortal wounds or fatal injuries resulting in wrongful death. If this is the case, aside from the above, you may even claim the following compensation:

    • • Loss of life’s earnings;
    • • Loss of love and support;
    • • Loss of consortium; and
    • • Punitive damages.


Corporations are covered by insurance companies and are protected by corporate and defense law firms that are adept in dealing with personal injury claims. Hence, to make sure that you are not shortchanged in your personal injury claims, hire the services of expert personal injury lawyers like Melrose Law Firm with decades of experience in representing victims of serious accidents like violent commercial vehicle accidents in Los Angeles.