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Aviation Accident Lawyers in California

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Aviation accidents are more common than you think. It does not only relate to horrible plane crashes or explosions but aviation accidents also refer to even minor accidents involving planes. Although there are a number of causes of plane mishaps, the main reasons for aviation accidents are pilot negligence and failure to provide proper maintenance of airplanes. If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in any type of plane accident, you have a right to seek compensation against the pilot, the operator or owner of the plane and its facilities or even the plane manufacturer or designer if the accident was caused by defective design or manufacture of the airplane. However, please be advised that seeking compensation against the other party, especially in cases of aviation mishaps, is not as easy as it seems.

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You will definitely need the help of Top Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles to help fight for your rights against big defense law firms and insurance companies who will do everything to deny or limit your claims.

Most airplane accident victims suffer bodily injuries ranging from scratches, bruises and contusions to more serious injuries like spine injuries, fractures, burn injuries, head injury and even brain injury. In worst cases, victims suffer fatal injuries resulting in wrongful death.

As you can imagine, your claims as a personal injury victim can reach in the hundreds of thousands and even millions. To make sure that you get the best compensation you deserve, you need to be protected by Melrose Law Firm’s Diligent Aviation Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for all our clients, to their great satisfaction.

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What to do in case of Aviation Accidents in Los Angeles?

Aviation accidents can be very devastating to victims and their families. More and more plane accidents are being reported in recent times due to the volume of passengers who are turning to planes as means of transportation. However, per capita, the aviation industry is still the safest means of transportation.

Types of Plane Accidents

Not all aviation accidents are serious accidents resulting in wrongful death. Aside from plane crashes, mid-air collisions or lost aircrafts, pilot errors like abrupt stop and go while the plane is taxiing and other personal injury accidents while inside the airplane or airport can be considered as plane accidents.

Causes of Action in Aviation Accident Claims

  • In claiming damages for aviation accident injuries, you need to determine first who to go after or who is at fault for the accident. Only by determining this can you move forward and provide evidence to support your claim.

    • 1. Pilot negligence – In some plane crashes pilot negligence or lack of care can be the cause. In this case you can seek damages against the pilot and the plane owner or operator for your injuries.
    • 2. Lack of competence or training – In this case, the pilot is not properly trained to operate the plane or the type of plane used to transport you or your loved ones resulting in the plane mishap.
    • 3. Negligence in the maintenance and repair of airplanes – Even if the airline pilot is an expert and very responsible in handling the plane, accidents can still happen due to malfunction of the plane itself. If this is the cause of the accident, you can seek damages against the plane owner and operator for their failure to keep their planes properly maintained and air worthy.
    • 4. Operating planes under the influence of alcohol or other substances – If this is the cause of the plane crash, then you can even file claims for punitive damages against the party at fault, not to mention filing of criminal cases for violations of penal laws for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or regulated substance.
    • 5. Weather conditions – Sometimes weather conditions are the cause of aviation mishaps. Even in this case, the pilot and the plane owner or operator can still be at fault if they decide to not heed weather conditions in operating their planes. If there is a bad weather, they should have enough foresight to note whether to continue with the flight plan or not.
    • 6. Plane defect – In some instances there is a defective design on the plane that causes the accident. In some cases, the defect is in the manufacture or distribution of planes. If this is the case, then you have a right to seek damages against the manufacturer of the plane that caused the plane mishap.


As you can imagine, plane accident claims can reach in the millions especially in cases of plane crashes. If this happens you’ll be assured that the aviation company will be protected by defense law firms who will do everything to protect their client from liability. Hence, to make sure that you are able to claim top compensation for damages, seek help only from expert personal injury law firms like Melrose Law Firm to make certain that you’ll be going after the negligent party in equal footing.